The 3 most powerful Facebook Ads targeting strategies for your SaaS business

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Facebook Ads is one of the most effective advertising methods for SaaS companies. Because of it’s always expanding community of more than 2 billion people, Facebook has one of the most detailed databases with personal and professional information from its users. This leads to one of the unique characteristics of Facebook Ads: granular targeting with thousands of strong potential leads for your SaaS business. This guide explores three targeting techniques to help you make the most out of your Facebook Ads.

Doing the groundwork correctly

Before you start your online ads campaigns, make sure that you are tracking your performance properly. This is mostly done through Facebook’s Conversion Pixel, which is a JavaScript snippet that you must insert in your website. Facebook itself offers a great guide for creating, installing, and optimizing your Conversion Pixel.

1. Optimize your ads for Conversions

The first step in creating highly effective SaaS campaigns is to take advantage of the optimizations already offered by Facebook. When designing your Ads, you will see a few options for optimization: Conversions, Link Clicks, Impressions, and Daily Unique Reach. Each one has its own advantages, but as a SaaS business, your focus should be on Conversions.

If your product is new or there are not enough conversions for Facebook’s algorithm to learn from, use the new feature of optimization based on link clicks and conversions. It starts with link clicks optimization to help Facebook gather more data about the audience interested in your ads and then it switches to conversion optimization once there is enough information for the algorithm to work.

2. Create a Facebook Lookalike Audience based on the information collected from the Conversion Pixel

The Conversion Pixel has a multitude of functionalities: it helps Facebook learn about your audience, it helps you track costs and revenues correctly, and it also gives you a lot of valuable information about the people who click on your ads. Creating a Lookalike audience is an extremely powerful strategy because it narrows your audience down based on the profile of people who already completed the conversion path on your website.

3. Create retargeting Facebook Ads campaigns

Retargeting campaigns focus on users that already interacted with your Facebook Ads and demonstrated interest in your website. As a consequence, it offers one of the highest ROIs in the digital marketing industry. Facebook’s Power Editor offers you the functionality of setting up retargeting ads based on several sources of traffic, including your own website. The process is made much easier by the fact that you don’t need to use any third-party tool nor develop any technical tool apart from the Facebook Conversion Pixel.

Naturally, there are many other elements involved in optimizing the conversions on your website. Once the user leaves Facebook and enters your domain, it is entirely up to you to guarantee a seamless and valuable experience that will inevitably lead to conversions. Make sure to set up an optimized landing page and provide extensive customer support to start benefiting from much higher sales levels!

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