Link Building & Acquiring Backlinks

Build Backlinks, Raise Your Rank

Links to your website are the #1 search signal in Google’s algorithm. If you want to reach the top of search engines, you must get external domains to link to your website. At Marccx Media we specialize in link building; in fact, we’re link building experts.

Link Building

Link Building

Link building is a straightforward concept – identify a target site and acquire a link (also known as a backlink) from that site. But it’s time consuming to build a site list, find contact information, pursue personalized outreach tailored to the individual recipient and acquire the actual link after weeks of back and forth. Leave the link acquisition to us. We are experts at identifying where your customers “hang out” online and creating a custom campaign that drives referral traffic and builds backlinks.

Real links. Real results. We build whitehat only links that are relevant to your business, brand and targeted keywords. Relevancy is the key. We review a range of criteria to make sure we’re only approaching websites that reflect well on your brand. If you view links as a vote in your favor, we want the best votes possible. Not all links are created equal, and we find relevant and authoritative websites that promote your content favorably in the eyes of Google.

Transparency is important to us. Our process is designed to build links using the whitehat way – manual reviews and relationship based. Since link building is the most effective strategy for increasing your site’s visibility in search engines, your SEO strategy must include a plan to build backlinks. Each campaign we create is customized based on your business goals and targeted keywords, but one thing remains the same: We only build relevant links that matter, links that lead to a long-term increase in your keyword rankings.

Our Approach

  • Strategic Planning – We take into account your goals, targeted keywords and the competitive landscape to create a custom campaign designed to acquire quality links from high authority websites.
  • Link Prospecting – We’re experts at identifying reputable websites, blogs, influencers and other opportunities to acquire authority links.
  • Outreach – After we uncover an opportunity, we will individually and personally reach out to each website with a proposal. It’s about a partnership where we build more than backlinks, we’re creating a relationship.
  • Reporting – We’re transparent. Throughout each campaign, you’ll have insight into all acquired links and your Account Manager will always be reachable by phone or email.


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